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Poster boy for lost Hong Kong movie art wants to draw Marvel superheroes

Graphic design graduate Lam Ka-hang loves old-school hand-drawn film posters, something he believes is a lost art in this digital era when pictures can easily be enhanced with software.

The 22-year-old Hong Kong Design Institute graduate started drawing film posters for fun when he graduated last year as he thinks the traditional art “has a stronger touch of humanity”.

His works are showcased on his personal Facebook page – No Paper Studio – which is followed by more than 7,000 people.

But Lam is not entirely old-school. His style is a fusion of past and modern techniques – the full-time graphic designer draws on an iPad, which saves him money from having to buy brushes, oil colours and a canvas.

“I have loved drawing since I was a child,” Lam says. “I want to be an artist but people kept telling me I couldn’t make money by just drawing what I liked. So, I decided to work as a graphic designer during the day, and draw what I really like at night and in my free time.”


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